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Bag of Beans – Instaworthy Cafe in Tagaytay, Philippines

Bag Of Beans Tagaytay Featured

Bag of Beans is a famous dining and bakery cafe in Tagaytay. It is definitely a place not to be missed when you are here!

Bag Of Beans Tagaytay

We had seen many positive reviews about this place and we decided to visit the main branch.

Bag Of Beans Tagaytay Staircase

We felt the cosy ambience upon entering the cafe. It just felt like a sweet escape into a fantasy world!

Bag Of Beans Tagaytay Interior

There are many different seats and each area has a different feel. There are also many spots where we can take instagrammable photos.

Bag Of Beans Tagaytay Open Air Space

This mystic place is a secret getaway with forest-like garden and rustic interior design.

Bag Of Beans Tagaytay Photo Opportunity

With such a lovely place, photo taking is a MUST-do activity here! Spend some time to explore this place as it has many spots with different decorations and themes. We spent about 10-15 minutes posing and taking photos.

Make memories through Photos!

Bag Of Beans Tagaytay Entrance

Every part of the cafe is just so soothing and it makes us felt that we are traveling back in time as we dine. The colorful and vibrant feel just made us slow down our pace. A perfect place to have our brunch!

Bag Of Beans Tagaytay Bread And Butter

Homemade bread and butter were been served first.

We were very excited and looking forward to this brunch as we had Filipino cuisine for the last 3 days. We really miss Western Cuisine a lot!!

Bag Of Beans Tagaytay Shepherd Pie

Shepherd’s Pie – Minced meat filled with mashed potato

Bags of Bean offers a wide range of ala carte food choices like soup, salads, pasta, pizza, burger, all day breakfast, pancakes, pies and desserts etc.

Bag Of Beans Tagaytay Seafood Fettuccine

Seafood Fettuccine

As we are craving for western food, we ordered a variety of food for sharing.

Bag Of Beans Tagaytay Banana Walnut Pancake

Banana Walnut Pancake

This is one of the recommended famous dishes in Bags of Beans. The pancake was very fluffy and shiok especially when it is topped with walnut and banana.

Bag Of Beans Tagaytay Grilled Pork Belly With Barbecue Glaze

Grilled pork belly with Barbecue Glaze

The first bite of the barbecue pork is so unique and melts in the mouth. Filipinos can really make tasty barbeque pork. I personally felt that this dish is good for sharing as only the first mouth is very refreshing and can get very sinful with more bites!

Bag Of Beans Tagaytay Porterhouse Steak

Porterhouse steak

The Porterhouse steak is very well-garnished with tomatoes and onion rings on top of the steak.

The steak is a little tough but still notchbad. I personally prefer the rest of the dishes as compared to this dish.

Bag Of Beans Tagaytay Tuck It In

All in all, I would recommend Bag of Beans as it has a really nice ambience. A perfect place to chill and relax from the bustling city life. We felt very homely and cosy with their excellent service. As for the food, we strongly recommend going for their Sherperd’s Pie, Barbeque Pork and Banana Walnut Pancake. 

Bag Of Beans Tagaytay Instaworthy Portrait

It is definitely worth to visit this cafe when you are in Tagaytay!


Main Branch

115 Aguinaldo Highway, Mendez Crossing West, Tagaytay City

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