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Our first movie in 2017 – PASSENGERS  Passengers is an odd but interesting movie. We had strange, mixed feelings after watching. ⚠️Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD Taking some time to blog about Passengers because after the movie we started discussing the storyline, cast, scenes in the movie. And later on this movie got us thinking. Passengers 5,000 […]

Authentic Bara Chirashi Don at Sumiya

Being Sashimi lovers, our search for Chirashi Don never ends! Here we are today at Sumiya for Chirashi Don! Sumiya’s Signatures Kaisen Bara Don – $20.80++ Is this The Most Gorgeous Chirashi Don you’ve seen? It really tasted as good as it looked! Luxuriously thick Chunk of fresh marinated cubed fish such as Maguro Akami […]

Ice cold bingu 빙수 at The Ice Lab

Merry Christmas! While we can’t experience snow in Singapore, Ice Lab Cafe can offer you the snowy feeling! Escape from the sweltering heat and enjoy ice cold bingu 빙수 at The Ice Lab, Somerset. Spacious white simple décor and its signature snow bear with ‘snow falling’ in the middle! When Ice Lab first open, it caught […]

Affordable Japanese Fusion Set Lunch at Tanuki Raw

Time to satisfy our craving! This time we came to Tanuki Raw which combines the best of food quality, value, and service! If you have not tried Tanuki Raw, you really need to! Open concept bar seats where you can observe the preparation of your food and beverage! Let’s look at the menu! Lunch time […]

Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters @ Upper Thomson

Located at Upper Thomson Road, Pacamara is a simplistic boutique brunch café. Some people may recognised it as the white café in Upper Thomson because the white exterior simply stands out from other shops. We have been planning to try out the food at Pacamara café for a long time but weekends are always over […]


TGIF! It’s time for some sweet family time on Friday! Having dessert makes you feel more chill and happy, don’t you agree? And ironically, STRESSED SPELLED BACKWARDS IS DESSERTS. We are here at Hvala Waffle Bar, located at 313 Somerset B3. Hvala is quite a unique name and it actually has a meaning to it! […]

Semarang Day 3

Ahh…Last day in Semarang! Sad that our enjoyable getaway is coming to an end. First, we went to Lawang Sewu (Rp. 10,000) which means a thousand door in Javanese! Not sure if it really has a thousand doors but there were really many doors, about 4 to 6 doors in one room! Lawang Sewu is […]

Semarang Day 2

Today is the highlight of the trip! If you are a thrill-seeker, add these unique adventures to your list! Candi Gedong Songo Umbol Sidomukti Rawa Pening Before we begin on our adventures, we had breakfast in Quest Hotel. Candi Gedong Songo Our first stop was Candi Gedong Songo which was 1.5hr drive from our hotel. In […]

Semarang Day 1

We arrived at Achmad Yani International Airport at around 4pm on Friday and was shocked when we walk out of the arrival hall. The airport was very small and there were many people standing outside. This is to warn you so you don’t get a shock when you arrive. As you can see from the […]

Semarang Ultimate 3 Days Itinerary

You have been to Bali, Phuket, Bangkok, Malaysia …The question is where should you go next? Make Semarang your next destination! Where is Semarang? Why Semarang? These questions came when I told people that I am going for a short weekend getaway to Semarang. So, today’s post I will be sharing with you our experience […]