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Yogyakarta Ultimate 4 Days Itinerary

Yogyakarta is the cultural capital of Indonesia! Yogyakarta (often called “Jogja”) is becoming increasingly popular with Singapore. 2h 30 mins away, $150 per person and Air Asia will fly you there! It is extremely accessible! We were captivated by the adventures and cultural places in Yogyakarta and decided to make it our as our next […]

Kalibiru – The Most Instagram Worthy Spot in Yogyakarta!

From Borobudur, our next destination is Kalibiru National Park! The journey from Borobudur to Kalibiru was 1.5 hour. Notchbad loves to play, eat and sleep! So after eating, we slept in the car!  hehe! We were really tired as we woke up super early to watch the Borobudur Sunrise at Punthuk Setumbu. 🌅🌅 Located at […]

Borobudur Temple – UNESCO World Heritage in Yogyakarta

After watching the Borobudur sunrise at Punthuk Setumbu, we headed to the vast Borobudur complex to see the magnificent Buddhist Statue and Temple. As the World’s Largest Buddha Temple and a UNESCO Heritage Site, Borobudur is on our must go list! 👍👍 It was so crowded from the entrance. This was the best shot we could take.😥 […]

The Borobudur Sunrise Mistake at Punthuk Setumbu

In order to catch the Borobudur Sunrise, we departed our villa at 3:30am! That’s really quite an early morning but luckily we have driver Lasiman to drive us there. The journey takes approximately 1 hr 30 mins and we continued sleeping in the car. After 1hr 30 mins, we arrived at our destination and Lasiman […]

Mata Thai – Casual Thai Eatery Hidden in Bishan

Located in the residential area of Bishan – beneath Blk 508 Bishan Street 11, Mata Thai offers a variety of Thai food! For some reason, Towkaynew insisted that the original name was golden Thai. But when we googled for Golden Thai, Golden Thai Massage appeared! Apparently, Mata Thai was it’s one and only name and […]

Sushiro- Bara Chirashi For $12.80 Nett at Thomson Plaza

Do you love Chirashi Don but always find it expensive? Check out Sushiro at Thomson Plaza – Bara Chirashi at $12.80 nett! This bowl of mixed seafood on top of rice or salad was so delicious yet affordable! 👍👍 Okay so I actually miss blogging during my exams period. I miss writing about where we went, […]

Tuk Tuk Cha – Authentic Thai Tea, Shibuya Toast and Boat Noodle

Tuk-Tuk! Tuk-tuk! Cha! Bringing authentic Thai milk tea, Shibuya toast and Boat noodle to Singapore! 🇹🇭🇹🇭 Another favourite shop to visit for after-dinner dessert! Tuk Tuk Cha Menu – Somerset Tuk Tuk Cha offers a variety of food with their Thai milk tea as their Signature Drink! By default, Thai Ice Milk Tea was our favourite beverage in Bang Kok […]

Goodbye to Sumiya Orchard Central

Remember that time I talked about the super awesome Mixed Bara Kaisen Don at Sumiya? We are back again for more incredible lunch deal, hoping to share more yummy food with everyone! But little did we expect that the Mixed Bara Kaisen Don that we love is gone. 😭😭😭 Can you imagine just 2 months ago we […]