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Bistro Du Vin Singapore • Authentic French Cuisine

Welcome to … Bistro Du Vin!!! As my birthday is approaching, TowkayNew decided to bring me out for good food. As usual, on the day that we are going out, he said that he is still looking for a nice restaurant to eat.😄😄😄 He then started to ask what I want to eat and if […]

Breathtaking Architecture in London • London Day 3

Today, we will be exploring around the area of Westminster and Covent Garden. Landmark tower at the house of Parliament –Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster🕰 The main Parliament building date back to the mid 1800s in Westminster Abbey👸🤴 Home of Britain’s Monarch at Buckingham Palace🏰 Public square in the City of Westminster at […]

Five things that Sunflower Animal Farm amazed us!

A trip to Perth wouldn’t be complete without a farm stay. Thus, we planned the itinerary and left a space specially for a night at Sun Flower Animal Farm. We have no idea what to expect and even what a farm stay really means as we have never stayed in an animal farm before. All […]

Camden Market and the Stables • LONDON DAY 1

Iceland has been pretty great trip for the two of us. We were very lucky to visit and experience the nature of Iceland. Now, our next destination will be London.  We both were reluctant to leave Iceland as we have been enjoying the fantastic scenery with our rented 4WD.🤣🤣🤣 At the same time,we are also […]

Ancient Palace in Yogyakarta – Ratu Boko

After Prambanan temple, we went to Ratu Boko. I would recommend going there on the first day as it is near the airport! Honestly, we had no idea what this place is but since it is considered as an attraction we didn’t want to miss anything! Our best friend Trip Advisor says Ratu Boko Temple […]

This is probably the most underrated adventure @ Yogyakarta

As we approached our last day in Yogyakarta we thought about what other attractions we wanted to visit. There are just too many places to explore but just too little time. 😕😕😕 We started to vote between Merapi jeep tour and Timang Beach. It was kind of a struggle as visiting Timang Beach was the […]